Efia Crandon founded Smucci Beauty Consulting Company in 2003 to provide professional skincare,
waxing and makeup services. Since then, this au courant, confident entrepreneur has decided to use her brand as a springboard and launch a collection of eye-catching lip glosses.

A self-proclaimed "color fanatic" her vision is to assist women to transform from the hustle and bustle of everyday to feeling like they're walking the runway. It isn't only about the superficial with Efia; the outlook you have of yourself matters as well. "You are who you think you are, so be careful how you entertain your thoughts," she says; her approach to beauty is sexy, simple, and sophisticated. She believes you can tell a lot about a woman by the lip gloss she wears, it can set the entire tone
for the look you're going for. She also believes that color, no matter the hue, should be incorporated
into whatever you wear "Lip Gloss or lipstick makes a statement" she comments, "it should be like
your favorite accessory."

A mere glance at the names of the tantalizing shades and you would be remiss not to
provide your lips with this service! From fun and flirtatious, to colors that pop and
are full of pizzazz, this ensemble is guaranteed to have friends, family and
co-workers stop and ask you in that harmonized, familiar tone "Where did
you get your lip gloss from?" Smucci is where; kiss kiss.